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Materials to Scale any project down to size!


We carry a wide variety of sizes to the left hand side of the page including balsa and basswood sheets up to 12" widths, perfect for architectural and modeling needs. We are fully running with everything in stock despite the current pandemic!

If you can't find a product that you are looking for, give us a call! We are always happy to help you with questions or with placing an order (413) 277-9500 or email questions@nationalbalsa.com

QUALITY is always our #1 goal & Our customers agree:

"I have just received my first order with your company and wanted to tell you how happy I am with the quality of the wood. The sitka is straight and measurements are consistent. The plywood is not warped which can happen from time to time and the balsa sheet is very consistent which will make finishing more easy. I look forward to doing business with you again, as I have to get more blocks as well as more balsa." - Thank you for your review Sahag!

"Thank you for a great shipment, contents arrived in excellent condition due to your great packaging. I ordered extra as I am used to seeing some warped or damaged basswood and balsa. Yours was straight and of great quality." - Thank you for your review Victor!

"I have ordered from other suppliers and never received the quality of wood that I received in my recent order. The shipping was quick, the material was straight, and the quality was perfect. Will order again." - Thank you for your review Robert!

Our balsa wood comes to us straight from Ecuadorian plantations.
Our state of the art facility combined with our volume buying power allows us to pass on incredible savings to you!

1/8x3x36 BALSA WOOD SHEETS 1/8 x 1/8 x 36 basswood sticks
List Price: $4.10
YouPay $2.93
You save $1.17!
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List Price: $0.66
Our Price: $0.47
You save $0.19!
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balsa basswood sticks
1/8 x 3 x 36 basswood sheets 1/4x1/4x36 balsa wood
List Price: $3.54
Our Price: $2.53
You save $1.01!
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List Price: $1.08
Our Price: $0.77
You save $0.31!
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basswood sheets 1/4x1/4x36 balsa wood

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Please keep in mind when ordering we do have a minimum order of $50.00

Under 7lb balsa
We have it!
View our aero light balsa to the left!

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*Please note as with most suppliers the balsa sticks will be cut from medium/hard stock due to the nature of the product.


1/8x4x18 basswood
Our Price: $1.55
1/16x4x18 basswood
Our Price: $1.32
1/8x3x18 basswood
Our Price: $1.01