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Just thought I'd send you a picture of the canoe I built with 1/4x3/4x48 balsa strips from your shop. It's 20 feet long, 4 feet wide, weighs about 100 lbs and survived its first outing on the lakes of the Allagash waterway.

Dixmont, Maine

Hello National Balsa,

Two summers ago my friend Ben and I bought balsa from you to make a surfboard.
I thought you would appreciate the photographs I took of the process and final product.
Let me know if you would like to use any of them. The surfboard rides great, thanks for the quality balsa!
All the best,

Laser cutting we did for another customer

L19 Bird Dog built by Mike P.

"My engineering class (high school seniors) created a suspension bridge from balsa you supplied last year. It took my entire class of 18 students about 4 months to build. In the end, a 50lb cart drove across the full length of the bridge and I stood in the middle of the span with a total load of 200lbs on the road deck. The bridge itself is 2m long and 40 cm wide with a tower height of about 1m." Hamilton High school AZ.

"Dear National Balsa
I just wanted to share with you the quality hand carved custom duck decoys I make with Natl Balsa wood.
I appreciate the service and quality of your Balsa wood for duck decoys it is a great product"
-Bob Mitchell