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National Balsa can now laser cut.
so whether you need a couple pieces
or a whole kit cut
order your wood from us
we can laser cut your parts
and ship to you
saving you money and time!

The cutting area available is 50"x50"
we do not have wood that size.. that is only the table size of the laser.

Please note: If you are looking to get an airplane cut for you, we require a DXF or DWG files.
In order to cut paper plans we need to scan them in and draw each piece costing $71/hr.
It is a very lengthy and expensive procedure.

Our laser kerf is .003-.007, a good rule of thumb is .005.
The thickest basswood we can cut is 1/2". The thickest ply is 1/2".
We ask that you lay everything out that you would like to be cut on
sheet sizes that we carry, all on one attachment, labeled with wood type and quantity.
As long as the color code is clear it does not make a large difference, however
most files black is cut and red is engraving. We do our best to send the best quote that we can
but please keep in mind this is an American Kern laser and it runs $71.00/hour plus material cost.
We do have a half hour minimum charge.

Submit a DXF or DWG file for a quote to balsabug1@aol.com
please reference laser cutting in your subject line.

all files submitted for cutting or quotes are treated as confidential and will
never be shared or used for any other purpose.

or call us for more information 413-277-9500

A sample from a customer we did laser cutting for.

This is work we did for an architectural student Zack.
The stone patterns, and arches make this model really stand out.
~A lot of time and hard work and it all came together very nicely~